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As a group of dedicated mentors and passionate coders, CodeBreakers has built our reputation on a mission of collaborative and personalized approach to coding education and professional advancement.

How We Work

We stress an equal-opportunity approach as we strive to build a new generation of coders that embraces greater diversity, especially of those with non-traditional backgrounds. We believe that anyone with passion and drive has the potential to be an excellent programmer at top tech companies.

Whether you are an individual on the job hunt or a campus organization seeking to incorporate us into your network, we invite you to explore Codebreakers’ exceptional opportunity, resources, and support to break into the world of coding with us.

Meet Our Team

"After graduating Princeton in 2016, I tried to start my own business several times and for the next 2 years, I failed on every single attempt. Once I had finally hit rock-bottom living at home, a friend of mine shared how much he enjoyed working at Google because of their great work-life balance, no face-time work culture, and of course the dollar bills. It sounded amazing. I did my own research and preparation and eventually was fortunate to receive an offer from Google. Through my preparation, I realized that there’s nothing special about me - anyone with the determination and guidance can make it. I decided to start CodeBreakers to help bring everyone who’s motivated to unlock their full-career potential. "

Darek Johnson


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