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As a group of dedicated mentors and passionate coders, CodeBreakers has built our reputation on a mission of collaborative and personalized approach to coding education and professional advancement.

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Darek Johnson, CEO, Google Engineer and Coach

"After graduating Princeton in 2016, I tried to start my own business several times and for the next 2 years, I failed on every single attempt. Once I had finally hit rock-bottom living at home, a friend of mine shared how much he enjoyed working at Google because of their great work-life balance, no face-time work culture, and of course the dollar bills. It sounded amazing. I did my own research and preparation and eventually was fortunate to receive an offer from Google. Through my preparation, I realized that there’s nothing special about me - anyone with the determination and guidance can make it. I decided to start CodeBreakers to help bring everyone who’s motivated to unlock their full-career potential."

CodeBreakers in the News

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CodeBreakers CEO/Founder Coach Darek did an AMA on Hacker News, an online forum for coders and entrepreneurs.

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Interview with YouTube (Kristen Leake)

Coach Darek shares his thoughts on the technical interview process with rising YouTuber Kristen Leake.

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What Our Graduates Are Saying

Adelson Aguasvivas


Coach Darek is very invested in your success. He and my coach, Coach Allen would go above and beyond during every one of our meetings to make sure I was maximizing all of my opportunities and building my skills. I learned more from Coach Darek's Codebreakers curriculum (including recommended questions on Leetcode & Hackerrank) than I did in my Ivy League data structure and algorithms course. Coming in I was super unsure about the process of landing a job in tech and I was not confident in my coding skills. Becoming part of Codebreakers was one of the best decisions I have made. Having access to one on one coaching with two coaches that worked at FAANG companies is an incredible opportunity that you can't pass up. Invest in your future and be part of this incredible community. All other coaches work in big tech companies (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Bloomberg, etc) and everyone wants to see you win. They will have your back and help you prepare for every single interview. I was able to land jobs at Amazon, Bloomberg, Freddie Mac, and several other companies, and able to interview and hear back from companies like Google and Microsoft. Their referral system ensures you bypass the annoying application process where you never hear back from anyone, and get your resume in front of recruiters. Their feedback, curriculum, and weekly or bi-weekly mock interviews will boost your confidence and help you crush every single interview. All of my interviewers were impressed with how well I did every time, and it was all thanks to Codebreakers. Trust them! Their system works. I am incredibly grateful I was able to be a part of this program. They helped me land my dream job and essentially set me up for a lifelong career in software engineering.

Stephan Duroseau


The team at CodeBreakers was very helpful in preparing me for landing a position at a big tech company. Throughout my time with starting their program, I struggled a lot and I was in the program for a long amount of time. However, I was able to land an offer with Amazon as a Software Development Engineer. It definitely was a hurdle, but they had faith in me throughout the process and I am truly grateful for it.