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While bootcamps are effective in teaching you programming fundamentals, they do not provide sufficient support in the immediate job-search. Oftentimes, graduates of bootcamps find themselves in a situation where they’ve spent $10,000+ on bootcamps but find themselves without direction or guidance in how to find their job or market their new skill. Code Breakers’ mission and highest priority is to make sure you get hired.

You can’t find personalized one-on-one mentorship and a career network online for free.

Our average graduate makes 150k annually for full-time and intern earns 25k for summer internships.

As often as needed! In addition to weekly check-ins, your mentor will be available nearly 24/7 to answer any questions that you may have.

On average it takes around 3 months to complete the program. However, the duration will depend on numerous factors such as your other time commitments, your pace of learning, and prior experience. In any case, your mentor will work with you to find a timeline that works for you.

Definitely! It may take longer given your commitments, but your mentor will help structure a plan that works for you and your schedule.

Absolutely not. We have plans that are intended for those without any formal coding experience. We mostly look for those who like to solve problems.

Income Share Agreements (ISAs) are a form of deferred payment, allowing students to focus on learning — and not on financing. With our ISA, you pay nothing until after you start working a job that earns at least your target minimum salary.

After a 2-week trial of the program, there is an initial deposit of $997 due. If you follow the program, then this deposit is entirely repaid if you don’t get a job within 6 months.

Our ISA is always based on a percentage of the total compensation for any job you receive through completing the CodeBreakers program. Below is a table with those percentages.

Earned Income$80,000$100,000$120,000$140,000$160,000$180,000$200,000$320,000
ISA Percentage7.0%9.0%12.0%13.5%15.0%16.0%17.0%20.0%

Through out ISA, you will pay the given percentage of your total salary over 1-year. For example if you get a job paying $120,000, you would pay $1,200 monthly for a year (12% of 120,000 over 12 months).

We find that by tying our success to yours, we’re forced to evolve our product to ensure that you are getting job offers that you want and are excited about as fast as possible. 

We have three different payment plans tailored to your needs:

Option 1: $0 upfront + Full Income Share Agreement. ~12% of total compensation for jobs over 100k.

Option 2: $4,000 upfront + Half of Income Share Agreement

Option 3: $8,000 upfront.

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