Program-old – Code Breakers Academy

Start, Study and Succeed

To get an amazing developer role, classroom lectures is not enough, you need an immersive and interactive environment.

Practical Action Steps

Getting a top-tier tech job is not easy and can seem like a mountain to climb. To make the process more manageable, we've broken down the process into clear weekly action items.

Pattern Recognition

Every technical interview question you face will fall into one of several patterns. Through our mentorship, we train you to recognize the types of problems you might encounter.

Community and Network

There are lots of CodeBreakers mentees working towards the same goal as you and we encourage collaboration. Our network of mentors/mentees spans over 30 top tech companies across the country and is only growing.

Personalized Mentorship

Preparing for interviews is difficult, especially on your own. To keep you on track, we provide weekly check-ins, personal Q&A's sessions, unlimited office hours, and mock interviews with our mentors (all are from FAANG companies).

Program Timeline

  • 8 weeksCurriculum

    Interview Flowchart / How to Approach - Problems
    - Learn Python
    - Basic Object Oriented Programming
    - Fundamentals (Stacks, Queues, LinkedLists)
    - HashMaps
    - Arrays
    - Sorting
    - Strings
    - Advanced OOP
    - Recursion
    - Graphs
    - Heaps
    - Dynamic Programming
    - Tries
  • 4 weeksPreparing interview questions

  • 3 weeksMock interviews + recruiting