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What Our Graduates Are Saying

Adelson Aguasvivas


Coach Darek is very invested in your success. He and my coach, Coach Allen would go above and beyond during every one of our meetings to make sure I was maximizing all of my opportunities and building my skills. I learned more from Coach Darek's Codebreakers curriculum (including recommended questions on Leetcode & Hackerrank) than I did in my Ivy League data structure and algorithms course. Coming in I was super unsure about the process of landing a job in tech and I was not confident in my coding skills. Becoming part of Codebreakers was one of the best decisions I have made. Having access to one on one coaching with two coaches that worked at FAANG companies is an incredible opportunity that you can't pass up. Invest in your future and be part of this incredible community. All other coaches work in big tech companies (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Bloomberg, etc) and everyone wants to see you win. They will have your back and help you prepare for every single interview. I was able to land jobs at Amazon, Bloomberg, Freddie Mac, and several other companies, and able to interview and hear back from companies like Google and Microsoft. Their referral system ensures you bypass the annoying application process where you never hear back from anyone, and get your resume in front of recruiters. Their feedback, curriculum, and weekly or bi-weekly mock interviews will boost your confidence and help you crush every single interview. All of my interviewers were impressed with how well I did every time, and it was all thanks to Codebreakers. Trust them! Their system works. I am incredibly grateful I was able to be a part of this program. They helped me land my dream job and essentially set me up for a lifelong career in software engineering.

Lucy Wang

Google 2020

“As a student aiming to land an internship in the upcoming Summer as well as a full time job in the following Fall, Darek and CodeBreakers helped me to achieve both of my goals. I remember the time whenever I was stuck on practice interview questions or algorithm concepts at random times, and the coaches were always responsive to clear my doubts immediately.  The mock interviews helped me to be confident and thoughtful to nail the countless interviews I had through out the year. I met Coach Darek in 2019 April, after one year I graduated CoderBreakers with two internships and one full time offer with my dream company.” 

Stephan Duroseau


The team at CodeBreakers was very helpful in preparing me for landing a position at a big tech company. Throughout my time with starting their program, I struggled a lot and I was in the program for a long amount of time. However, I was able to land an offer with Amazon as a Software Development Engineer. It definitely was a hurdle, but they had faith in me throughout the process and I am truly grateful for it.

Mo Luo

Google 2019

“As a busy consultant, I had no idea what it would take to break into software engineering. I managed to squeak pass the Google phone screen but knew I wasn’t ready for the onsite. That was when I started to work with Darek and Codebreakers. I needed to maximize the little time I had and the Codebreakers materials helped me formulate a studying game plan. In addition, Darek’s advice on habits and last mile preparation were critical in helping me get a Google offer.” 

Dave Wixon

Twitch 2019

“Coming from a non-CS background, breaking into software engineering is daunting. Without a degree, it’s hard to sell yourself as qualified and competent. I began working with CodeBreakers at the end of 2018. I was working full-time, and my free time was limited, but Coach Darek was able to work with my busy schedule — I spent 3 months studying algorithms and learning from well-thought-out materials.  Then, we spent 3 months practicing mock interviews and reinforcing my weaknesses with 1-on-1 coaching sessions.  They really care about you and want you to succeed. Before I knew it, I was in the interview process for several big-name companies, and received a great offer.  I know I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for CodeBreakers.”

Allen Tran

Amazon 2019​

“As a new grad that majored in CS. I soon came to realize that my CS curriculum did not prepare me for interviews. Shortly after enrolling in Code Breakers, my mentor assessed my CS foundations and got me started on one-on-one mock interviews. After each interview, I got lots of critical feedback that provided insight on what the interviewer is looking for and that helped improve my performance in subsequent mocks. I eventually got an SDE role at Amazon.”